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EFA 2024

Workshops, live performances and a warm community invited people to the Electric Frequency Arrangement in Erfurt for the second time.

You'll find out everything there was to discover in the blog posts in the coming weeks


bei deiner Synthesizer Workshop Reihe

"Elektrisches Frequenz Arrangement"
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Workshops & much more

Everything about electro-acoustics, from the basics to live performance


EFA - Workshops

Live performance

EFA - Live Performances

EFA 2023

EFA - Events
EFA - Auerworld 2023

About Us

The Electric Frequency Arrangement (EFA) is a music education initiative founded in 2022 made up of musicians, producers, DJs and local synthesizer enthusiasts, which revolves around the topic of live music production. Here music enthusiasts can explore the fascination of electro-acoustics.

No matter whether synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, effects devices, mixing consoles or do-it-yourself hardware, with us everyone will find the right topic to get started with music production. Stay curious and feel free to look around. If you have any questions, you can find our contact form here.

"EFA" is a project by Tinnibo Sound Solutions and Exit-To-Love Records

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