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EFA 2023 - Review Part 2

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Synthesizer workshops at the music event: A journey into the world of sound production.

The music production event we featured in our previous article has proven to be a musical highlight for beginners and experienced synthesizer enthusiasts. In this article we would like to take a closer look at the first two workshops, which gave participants deep insights into the world of synthesizers and sound production.

Workshop 1: Synthesizer Basics for Beginners

The first workshop of the event was a good starting point for anyone new to music production and synthesizer sound creation. Under the title "Synthesizer Basics" The two speakers, Frank Piesche and Stephan Ratajczak, introduced the participants to the basics of synthesis.

Frank Piesche, an experienced musician from the Thuringian music scene, brought his extensive specialist knowledge to the workshop. Mid-2023 with the band "Anger 77" live on the road and already in October at EFA 2023. Here he shared his know-how about sound generation, different waveforms and the basics of sound synthesis. The participants gained insights into the diverse possibilities of shaping and manipulating sounds.

Stephan Ratajczak, founder of the label "Exit-To-Love Records", lives and breathes electronic music. As a live performer and synthesizer nerd from Erfurt-Daberstedt, he was the perfect contact for the workshop. He presented electro-acoustic examples that practically illustrated the theoretical concepts. Participants were able to see sound production in action and learn how to effectively use synthesizers in their own music productions.

Workshop 2: Deep insights into synthetic sound production

The second workshop, led by Steffen Marienberg, gave the participants an even deeper insight into the world of synthetic sound production. Perfect for those who already had basic knowledge and wanted to deepen their understanding.

Steffen Marienberg immersed the participants in the world of psycho-acoustic perception. They learned how sounds are perceived by the brain and how they can use this knowledge in their own productions. Envelope curves, physical relationships and acoustic phenomena were discussed in detail.

Holger Marienberg, brother of Steffenand co-founder of "Marienberg Devices Germany", presented an exciting world first: a newly developed synthesizer designed specifically for universities. Participants had the unique opportunity to try out these innovative devices and ask questions to the experts. The workshop offered an inspiring mix of theory and practical application and provided participants with valuable knowledge about modern synthesizer technology.

The first two workshops of this synthesizer event have shown that the world of sound production is as infinite as it is fascinating. Participants had the opportunity to learn from both recreational and experienced musicians and experts and expand their own music production skills. The third part of our review is about "Sampling" and "MIDI".

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Our special thanks go to VEB Kultur aka Bandhaus Erfurt for this wonderful location. EFA 2023 is funded by the state capital Erfurt and organized by Tinnibo - Sound Solutions, as well as Exit-To-Love Records.

Photos by Andreas Kubitza / "EFA 2023"

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