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EFA 2023 - Review Part 4

Electric Frequency Arrangement: The Finale

Our "Electric Frequency Arrangement" event is nearing its climax, and in the final review part we take a look at the rousing live performances that have hit the synapses of the Made guests dance.

The team-up sessions that formed the musical finale were an explosive collaboration between regional artists from Thuringia, Saxony and Bavaria. Here's a look at the 4 team-up sessions that brought the club vibe to the dance floor.

"Klinke auf Cinch": Groove with heart

The kick-off was "Klinke auf Cinch", this year as a 3-person combo with a singer and two musicians on samplers and decks. With their warm charisma and groovy beats, they immediately captivated the guests. A really cool start that kicked off the evening perfectly.

"Achim Deep": Global vibes and big beats

A newcomer from Jena presented a mix of world music and electro at EFA 2023. His new skillset came into its own in the live performances, and guests were fascinated by the creative fusion of different musical styles.

Achim Deep @EFA 2023
Achim Deep @EFA 2023

"Heilgeist": Deep House and Detroit Techno

"Heilgeist" from Schmalkalden brought a mixture of deep house and Detroit techno to the stage with driving beats. A melodic journey with driving breaks and rousing energy.

Healing Spirit @EFA 2023
Healing Spirit @EFA 2023

"HCH-X": Melodic, danceable, unique

The 4-person chapel "HCH-X" from Jena presented a beautiful set with melodic and danceable elements. Deep basslines, crisp drums and a relaxed atmosphere made their performance a highlight of EFA 2023.

HCH-X @EFA 2023
HCH-X @EFA 2023

"SBZ": Dark wave meets electro excess

"SBZ" from Dresden continued the sessions and served a unique mix of dark wave and electro. Cool drums from modular systems and drum machines, plus vocals and sawtooth-like synthesizer sounds - that surprised us all.

"Penishead": Club vibes with live modular synthesizer

The golden finale was brought by "Penishead" delivered with a live modular synthesizer system. Rhythmic 4/4 beats, pulsating basslines, melodies and a pinch of humor brought the club feeling to the dance floor. A fantastic conclusion to this still young event format in Erfurt.

Penishead @EFA 2023
Penishead @EFA 2023

The "Electric Frequency Arrangement" ended with this epic finale. in Erfurt. The variety of live performances, from warm sounds to pulsating club beats, reflected the entire spectrum of electronic music and left lasting impressions on the guests. We are already looking forward to further musical expeditions, perhaps even next year.

EFA 2023 was funded by the thuringian State capital of Erfurt and organized by Tinnibo - Sound Solutions, and Exit-To-Love Records. Many thanks to the Bandhaus Erfurt for providing the location and the relaxed organization.

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