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Toni Materne

Toni Materne

Welcome to my sound worlds, in which I create connections between ambient, minimal and progressive house. Here beats merge with moments of silence while melodies tell stories from space and time.

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Latest Tracks

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Music videos

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Excerpt from “Takt Magazine”

"Electronic music is simply extremely diverse and open to new things. That makes it exciting to find out which styles work together..."


Articles, photos & Comments

Tact Magazine

"I find it difficult to express myself in genres. A good film can, for example, be a crime thriller and a romance at the same time and that still doesn't describe how it feels when you watch it."

Thüringer Agentur für Kreativwirtschaft

"Bei Raves und Techno-Events zahlten die Leute meist 15 Euro Eintritt und haben entweder die ganze Nacht durchgetanzt oder standen nur kopfnickend herum. Mir fehlten Angebote, wie Chill-Out-Lounges oder Kreatives, damit auch andere Zielgruppen angesprochen werden. "


Producing music

since 2001

It all started with a simple children's music program and later, inspired by the 1990s, I started producing my own tracks.

Still learning

My music is influenced by everything from George Harrison to Iron Maiden. My tracks are based on simple melodies with a strong ambient vibe, and they tell stories that don't fit into genres.

Always ascending

The coolest thing so far was the release of my EP "I DID THIS ON PURPOSE" in July 2023. My second EP is coming soon, a mix of danceable house and experimental techno that should fit in with my projects from 2022.

What's next?

I'm looking forward to working with local musicians and pushing the local scene. A quote from Frankie Knuckles stays with me: "Music saved my life in a way... Whatever saved your life, you should focus on that."

Frankie Knuckles on RBMA

"Music saved my life in a way...Whatever saved your life, you should focus on that"



Are you interested in a live performance, a collaboration or a panel talk?  Then simply write to Toni via social media or by email.

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